Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kari Mecca's Spaghetti Garden Capri Outfit

Can you see the tractors behind her in the photo on the right?

This is one my favorite designs from Kari. I've taken her school at Martha Pullen 3 years in a row and she never fails to come up with the cutest, most intricate designs for girls. I made this in a Size 8 so my No. 1 grand can wear it next summer. I left off the flutter sleeves to make it look older. My oh-so-adorable niece Kate is modeling for me. She's almost 12 (but is t-tiny) and it fit her perfectly.

White Baby knit Gown With Horses in the Background

This beautiful knit was a door prize from Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion last July. I didn't win it - but my very nice friend Jean did - and she gave it to me! So, I promptly cut out 3 baby knit gowns, using the Martha Pullen knit serger baby gown pattern that is SOOOO easy, and whipped out a few on my serger. Quick and easy, and very pretty.
If you look closely you can see the horses in the pasture.

Baby Boy Rocket Ship Gown

This is another baby gown using the Martha Pullen Serger Knit Gown pattern. I used some adorable fabric from my stash.