Friday, January 22, 2010

Kari Mecca Designs

This cute design is called the Sassafrass Jacket (which is designed to go over an adorable dress called - appropriately - the Sassafrass Dress. Made the dress for grand-darling #1, but she doesn't really care for it. It will stay in the closet, waiting for g-d #2 (pictured here) to grow into it. I made a simpler version of the jacket for g-d #1, but will have to get a photo of her later. Kari has the cutest designs in children's clothing, which she must stay up late at night (night AFTER night) dreaming up. Just when you think it is done, oh golly, let's do four more miles of hand-sewing! Honestly, I love her stuff, but you know you've accomplished something when you are finished. She teaches twice yearly at the Martha Pullen sewing school in Huntsville. The last two years I've been an avid student in her school, and plan on going again this July. Fun, fun, fun!