Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kari Mecca's Spaghetti Garden Capri Outfit

Can you see the tractors behind her in the photo on the right?

This is one my favorite designs from Kari. I've taken her school at Martha Pullen 3 years in a row and she never fails to come up with the cutest, most intricate designs for girls. I made this in a Size 8 so my No. 1 grand can wear it next summer. I left off the flutter sleeves to make it look older. My oh-so-adorable niece Kate is modeling for me. She's almost 12 (but is t-tiny) and it fit her perfectly.

White Baby knit Gown With Horses in the Background

This beautiful knit was a door prize from Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion last July. I didn't win it - but my very nice friend Jean did - and she gave it to me! So, I promptly cut out 3 baby knit gowns, using the Martha Pullen knit serger baby gown pattern that is SOOOO easy, and whipped out a few on my serger. Quick and easy, and very pretty.
If you look closely you can see the horses in the pasture.

Baby Boy Rocket Ship Gown

This is another baby gown using the Martha Pullen Serger Knit Gown pattern. I used some adorable fabric from my stash.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Can You Do With An Ugly Pair Of Corduroy Pants?

Why, cut them up and turn into a pretty fall/winter skirt for the grands! I used a recycled t-shirt to make the soft waistband for comfort.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kari Mecca Designs

This cute design is called the Sassafrass Jacket (which is designed to go over an adorable dress called - appropriately - the Sassafrass Dress. Made the dress for grand-darling #1, but she doesn't really care for it. It will stay in the closet, waiting for g-d #2 (pictured here) to grow into it. I made a simpler version of the jacket for g-d #1, but will have to get a photo of her later. Kari has the cutest designs in children's clothing, which she must stay up late at night (night AFTER night) dreaming up. Just when you think it is done, oh golly, let's do four more miles of hand-sewing! Honestly, I love her stuff, but you know you've accomplished something when you are finished. She teaches twice yearly at the Martha Pullen sewing school in Huntsville. The last two years I've been an avid student in her school, and plan on going again this July. Fun, fun, fun!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Heirloom Baby Daygown

This was a labor of love for a dear friend's daughter having her first baby. It took more time than most projects but that was intentional and totally enjoyable. I do love handwork! She ended up dressing her little one in it to come home from the hospital, so I know it was something appreciated. The basic pattern came from Nancy Coburn's Baby Daygown booklet. I've made dozens over the years and they always work up perfectly.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Colonial Boy - It's all his fault

Colonial boy has been bugging me to make a blog. So here it is. He says my sewing is better than all the rest so I should post my awesome projects for everyone to copy. Copy - who me? Yes, I have no talent, it's all copywork. But, imitation is the finest form of flattery, right? I will definitely give credit where credit is due when I copy.

The boy was inspired after our vacation to Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia, and wanted a colonial boy costume. We all like the outcome, but there was much more involved in the process than I expected and it took twice as long (aren't most things that way?). It's a good thing I started on it last Sunday and worked a little bit every day.

We started at Goodwill - the best source for materials. The green outer vest was a man's suit coat ($3.00), the nicely buttoned vest was a ladies vest ($1.50), the pants were off the ladies' rack (sale $.50), and the ammo bag started life as linen slacks (also on sale $.50). Sister got the shoe buckles from her Irish dance shoes, made his cravat from the strip cut off the bottom of dad's white dress shirt (he didn't like the way it hung all the way to his knees so we chopped it!), and cut off some black stockings (tied with elastic string). He bought the hat at Williamsburg to complete a fabulous costume.